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Animal Fat

We are one of the best suppliers of High-Quality Animal Fats in the country, with a proven track record of providing quality products at reasonable prices. Boasting of a lower free fatty acid content (below 3%) and higher saturated fatty acid content in the triglyceride structure, our product is resistant to turning rancid. It is very useful as a feed additive, especially in the summer when birds might require the extra fat for energy and avoid heat stress. Apart from the feed industry, the product also has applications in laundry soap manufacturing, textile and biodiesel.

Authorized Distributor for the above product (All India) on behalf
of all their subsidiaries operating under Group Company
M/s Allanasons Pvt. Ltd.

Product Specification :

   Free Fatty Acid (FFA) - Less than 3      

   Moisture - 1% maximum    

Product Application :

  • Poultry
  • Laundry Soap Manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Biodiesel
Shivam Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

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