Why Are Feed Supplements Important

Why Are Feed Supplements Important?

What Are Feed Supplements?

Feed supplements are additives mixed with the daily food of animals and birds that are raised for commercial purposes. Farm animals usually need to be given feed supplements in order to keep the levels of all nutrients within normal range. Farm animals often graze on open pastures, but the quality of natural grass and plants is not always the same. In monsoon or in winter, the quality and amount of the grass may not be adequate to fulfill the nutritional needs of the animals.

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recommend the usage of different quantities of feed supplements for different species of animals.

What Are The Contents Of Feed Supplement

Feed supplement is available in the form of powders or granules that may be mixed with the animal or poultry fodder. Feed supplement blocks are also available that may be given to the animals for direct consumption. Feed supplements are usually rich in vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals along with proteins and fats, that are required for physical development of animals.

The contents of feed supplements vary from one geographical region to another. Feed supplements may contain anything from peels and pulp of fruits and vegetables grown locally, oil seeds or fish meals. Hydrated lime suppliers in India use only the best quality raw materials to sell feed supplements that are safe and effective.

What Are The Benefits Of Feed Supplements?

Fodder and forage may not be able to provide farm animals with the daily required nutrition. Feed supplements are an addition to the nutrition that grazing animals and birds need from their daily diet. Here is why feed supplements are so important:

  • Feed supplements with dicalcium phosphate for cattle help to enhance the bone growth and muscular strength of animals
  • They are often laced with antibiotics and anthelmintics which help to prevent infections among animals
  • Some feed supplements are exclusively designed for female animals to improve their fertility or ability to produce milk
  • Feed supplements help to improve quality of manure, that is often sold commercially
  • Animals bred for commercial purposes provide better quality of products after being given feed supplements.

The most important purpose of feed supplements is to improve the health of animals without using artificial or harmful means. Steroids are never used in feed supplements as they show considerable side effects in the long run. To ensure the usage of best quality feed supplement for your farm animals, check with the supplier about the raw materials and procedure used to manufacture the supplements.


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