limestone powder suppliers in india

Limestone Powder

The limestone powder supplied by us is made by processing solid limestone lumps using the latest technologies – that ensures maximum hygiene and purity without adversely affecting the environment. Chemically known as Calcium Carbonate, this fine white powder is a major ingredient when producing construction materials, plastic & rubber products, expensive paints and more. When added directly to water, it can remove pollutants; it can be used to reduce excess amounts of acidity as well. Apart from all this, the product is also the most common source of Calcium used in feeding livestock.

Product Specification :

Limestone Powder (150 Mesh)

Limestone Grits (2-4 mm)      

Calcium: 36-37%

Calcium: 36-38%

Magnesium: Below 0.5%

Magnesium: Below 0.5%

Silica: Below 3%

Silica: Below 3%

Product Application :

  • Poultry
  • Cattle
  • Chemical Industry