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Poultry Feed Supplement (MBM)

For the uninitiated, Poultry Feed Supplement (MBM) is a product associated with different abattoirs and meat processing complexes across the country. We supply the highest quality of sterilized Poultry Feed Supplement (MBM) from APEDA-approved abattoirs only. MBM is rendered from fresh and chilled raw materials derived from heavily inspected livestock fit for human consumption. The foremost usage of these products happens in the formulation of animal feed – to enhance the feeds’ amino acid profile, digestibility, and to provide a range of nutrients like Protein, Phosphorous, Calcium and Fat from this product. Uniform drying at high temperatures ensures the product stays free from all types of fungal contamination risks of dangerous Mycotoxins / Aflatoxins of fungal origin. Shivam Chemicals makes sure the supply of the finest Poultry Feed Supplement (MBM), fulfilling all international quality standards. The product is supplied to a number of feed formulators across the country.

Authorized Distributor for the above product (All India) operating under Group Company
M/s Allanasons Private Limited.

Product Specification :

Grade 1 - MBM 45%

Grade 2 - MBM 43%

Protein - 45% Min

Protein - 43% Min

Fat - 10% Min​

Fat - 10% Min

Moisture - 8% Max

Moisture - 8% Max

Phosphorus - 5% Min

Phosphorus - 6% Min

Calcium - 12% Min

Calcium 12-15% Max

Ash - 35%

Ash 38-40%

Pepsin Digestibility - 85% Min

Pepsin Digestibility 82%

Sand Silica 2% Max

Sand Silica - 2% Max

Product Application :

  • Poultry