What Is MBM?

MBM is commonly obtained as a by-product of animal slaughter. It is an ideal feed supplement for poultry to improve the quality of the poultry products. Poultry feed supplement distributors in India obtain only unadulterated MBM from genuine sources.

By-products from slaughterhouses cannot be directly used as feed supplements for poultry. MBM is obtained after processing the remnants of the slaughter at a very high temperature and making the product suitable for consumption of animals and birds.

Feed Supplements For Poultry

Poultry is the term for commercial breeding of birds like hen, geese, ducks and turkey among others. Birds that provide meat, eggs or both are bred and raised for commercial purposes. To ensure that the birds provide nothing short of the most superior quality of products, MBM suppliers in India recommend keeping the poultry birds on a carefully crafted diet.

Poultry birds usually feed on oil meals, grains, soybean meal, cereals, by products on nut processing etc. While the diet takes care of a major portion of their nutritional requirements, additional supplements are often recommended to enhance the health of the birds. Feed supplements help poultry birds to get additional proteins, fats and other minerals. It is important to choose the right supplement that suits the nutritional requirements of your poultry birds. Poultry farms usually have a veterinary doctor on call who helps to choose the diet, feed additives and feed supplements for all the birds.

Let us see why MBM is an ideal feed supplement for most poultry birds.

Benefits Of Including MBM In The Poultry Diet

Here is how including MBM in the daily diet of your poultry is advantageous:

  • MBM is rich in proteins, which helps to improve the muscular structure of the poultry. This will help to yield meat of superior quality.
  • The fat content of MBM helps the poultry birds to produce eggs of a better quality.
  • MBM also takes care of the daily requirements of calcium and phosphorus of the birds, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining their bone structure.
  • MBM is cheaper than other protein and fat meals, and still gives much superior results than its counterparts like soybean meal.

MBM is suitable for almost all poultry birds and can be included as part of their daily diet. Animal feed suppliers in India insist that other MBM is one of the most reliable feed supplements for poultry.

To know more about the utility of MBM for your poultry, connect with an experienced veterinary doctor.

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