Cattle Farming: A Brief

Cattle are domesticated farm animals that are raised for their milk, meat or hide. Sometimes cattle may be bred and raised for their utility in various farming procedures or to use them as a mode of transport. Cows, bullocks, buffaloes, oxen, goats and sheep are some animals bred and raised on cattle ranches.

Natural and spacious surroundings are ideal for cattle farming. A suitable setup would include a shed for the cattle, a facility to care for their health, a facility to obtain and store their produce, an ideal feeding place to name a few. The products obtained from cattle farming are only as good as the diet that the cattle receives. Along with the fodder and forage that the animals eat, feed additives must also be included in their diet. Many veterinary experts advocate the use of limestone powder for cattle feed. Let us see the important aspects of a healthy cattle diet.

What Is An Ideal Diet For Cattle?

Healthy cattle have a robust physique, a shiny coat, yields superior quality of products and are physically active and alert. Cattle farms often have an on call veterinary doctor who performs regular health checkups to determine if the animals need any treatment or a special diet.

Majority of cattle diet comprises grass, leaves and plants that the animal forages for in the farm. Cattle are also fed with oil cakes, husks of various grains, nuts, seeds and sometimes peels of vegetables and fruits. Every animal on a cattle farm has a diet designed specifically taking into consideration the commercial uses of that animal. Other than the naturally grown food that they eat, cattle are also given feed supplements.

Importance Of Animal Feed

  • Feed supplements are powders, liquids or blocks of nutritionally rich preparations given especially to grazing animals like cattle. They are recommended to fulfill the nutritional requirement of cattle when the quality of grass deteriorates due to unfavourable weather. An ideal supplement will be unadulterated and designed to suit specific dietary needs of a specific class of animals only.

  • Additives for poultry cannot be consumed by cattle and vice versa. Limestone powder suppliers in India use only the most superior quality of raw material to manufacture calcium rich additives for cattle. It helps to strengthen the bones, muscles and teeth of the cattle.
  • Another common feed supplement that cattle need for healthy muscles is magnesium. Magnesium oxide suppliers in India ensure that they use only the best quality of pure magnesium to manufacture good quality cattle feed. In the absence of adequate magnesium, cattle would develop muscular weakness and paresis.

A successful cattle farming business depends completely on the quality of products obtained from the animals. To get good quality cattle products from your animals, include the correct feed supplements in their daily diet.

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