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Bone Base Di Calcium Phosphate (Animal Feed Grade)

We supply top-grade Di-Calcium Phosphate – an inorganic compound which can be prepared by using animal bones and is complementary to the production of Gelatin. It is a vital additive to improve the presence of Phosphorous & Calcium in feed; ensuring maximum nutrition for the bird or the animal that’s being fed. The product has a high storage life due to low moisture content and absence of protein and fat. Being favorably bioavailable and an easily digestible source of highly important nutrients, Bone Base Di-Calcium Phosphate is an extremely popular choice amongst our clientele looking to prepare nutritious animal feed, especially for poultry animals.

Authorized Distributor for the above product (All India) operating under Group Company
M/s Sterling Biotech Limited.

Product Specification :

Phosphorus - P (Tested as per IS 7874)

17.00% Min

Calcium - Ca (Tested as per IS 13433 (Part 1)

23.00% Min

Loss on Ignition (L.O.I.) of moisture free sample​

22.00% to 26.50%​

Acid Insoluble Ash

1.00% Max

Moisture (Tested as per IS 5470:2002)

5.00% Max




Not More Than 1 PPM

Heavy Metal

Not More Than 10 PPM

Chlorides of NaCL

Not More Than 2%


Not More Than 5%

Product Application :

  • Poultry
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