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Magnesium Oxide

Our range of top-quality products includes natural Magnesium Oxide powder which is calcined from magnesite at temperatures exceeding 900°C. Also known as Caustic Calcined Magnesia, it is widely used in a variety of fields like effluent treatment plants and in agriculture to improve the fertility of the soil. The product also has applications in Animal Husbandry in which the Magnesium content is used as a nutritious addition to the cattle feed.

Product Specification :

Grade 1

Grade 2

Magnesium Oxide - 90% minimum

Magnesium Oxide - 85% minimum

Magnesium - 54% minimum

Magnesium - 51% minimum

Calcium oxide - 2% maximum

Calcium oxide - 2% maximum

Silica - 5% maximum

Silica - 8% maximum

Product Application :

  • Cattle
  • Chemical Industry
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