In-house Manufacturing

Driving Growth in Hydrated Lime Production,
Expanding Market Presence!

Shivam Chemicals and Minerals Pvt. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shivam Chemical Ltd, specializes in producing hydrated lime since its inception in 2019. With a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 MT per year, the unit has achieved 40% capacity utilization by December 2023 and plans to increase it to 65% from April 2024. Benefiting from a strong customer base and the extensive marketing network of its parent company, Shivam Chemicals is well-positioned for growth in the Indian market.

We’re Empowered with
State-of-the-art Cimprogetti Technology

High Production Efficiency

Superior Quality Product

Reduced Production Cost

Waste reduction

Efficient storage

Improved input ratio - 1:1.33x

Our Manufacturing Partnerships

By partnering with leading manufacturers, we ensure the highest standard of quality. From raw material to manufacturing, to logistics and delivery, we keep a sharp focus on every step to ensure highest customer satisfaction – a priority and a promise fulfilled diligently by Shivam!

Research & Development

Sustained efforts are employed by our research & development partners in order to achieve the dual goals of improving on an already amazing repertoire of top-quality products and minimizing our impact on the environment. Our R&D partners ensure minimum environment footprint on a regular basis without compromising the product quality. A good portion of our focus is aimed at attaining improvements to our delivery processes, to make sure the product retains its high quality by the time it reaches you.

research & development


Every aspect of our products, be it the manufacturing equipment being used or the technical research used to improve the process, everything is aimed at providing the best possible quality to our patrons. We are proud of our ethos of providing complete satisfaction in every which way, and we look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with every new customer who bestows us with their trust.


Every product supplied by us is guaranteed to be crafted by our manufacturing partners using only the most modern and high-tech machinery, backed by unmatched know-how and experience. We ascertain the products we trade, formulated and furnished by our manufacturing partners, meet the highest quality standards. We are proud to ensure all of this while keeping our prices competitive and continuously enabling wide use of our products in multiple industries.