How Feed Supplements Help to Improve Health of Farm Animals

How Feed Supplements Help to Improve Health of Farm Animals

Benefits of Feed Supplements:

The feed supplements mainly include magnesium, phosphate, calcium, hydrated lime and trace mineral mixtures. Following are some of the benefits of using feed supplements:

  • One of the reasons animal feeds gained popularity was because it helped increase production levels. Changes were observed in the poultry and cattle produce in both quality and quantity.
  • Feed supplements are also known to increase fertility levels amongst cattle. Supplements like magnesium oxide, dicalcium phosphate play an important role as they help strengthen the bones and also prevents any illness like fevers, constipation etc in their pregnancy.
  • Dicalcium phosphate for cattle is many a times used along-side pulverised limestone as it reduces the side effects caused by limestone like digestion problems amongst cattle and poultry.
  • Feed supplements are not only used for cattle but also in poultry farms on a large scale. Amongst these supplements, hydrated lime is also mixed in their feed as it is known to improve growth of the animals. It is one of the primary feed supplements which is used in animals bred for commercial purposes. One can approach hydrated lime suppliers in India for availing the best quality and unadulterated form of feed supplement to be administered to cattle and poultry animals.
  • Hydrated lime is helpful in post delivery care of cows, when they tend to fall sick after calving, but it should be administered only if prescribed by the veterinary doctor. 
  • From a commercial point of view, poultry farms use feed supplements as they are known to increase the egg production amongst hens. Another advantage of using such supplements is that they increase body mass in broilers which increases their muscle and weight making them yield more benefits in their market value.

Precautions to be taken:

Feed supplements as the word suggests should be used as supplements and the natural feed should not be tampered with. Using them in excess quantities can be harmful for cattle as well as poultry animals. Cattle and Poultry feed supplement distributors in India always advise using the feed after consulting the veterinarian. Quality of these feed supplements shall never be compromised as the adulterated feeds will do more harm than good to the health of such animals. If feed supplements are being newly introduced then it shall be done gradually as sudden introduction of supplements in large quantities can lead to digestive problems and other sicknesses. Also care must be taken that the place where such feed is stored is dust free and that other residual materials will not accumulate over it. 

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