Magnesium Oxide For Your Farm Animals

Magnesium Oxide as the name suggests is formed with ions of magnesium and oxygen. It is known to be effective at treating many medical conditions and is thus in high demand.  Magnesium oxide supplements are regularly used to enhance the quality of products derived from animals, especially for commercial gain.

Following are some of the important characteristics of magnesium oxide powder:

  • Magnesium Oxide is known to improve digestibility of the feed provided to cattle. Along with this, magnesium also helps to increase the fat and muscle content of the animals. It has been a regular practice since many decades to provide excess magnesium to cows during pregnancy and early days of lactation as it improves health of the cow and also prevents any illness like fevers, constipation etc in their pregnancy. Along with that, balanced intake of magnesium also improves fat content of milk which is advantageous from a commercial aspect.
  • From a commercial point of view, poultry farms use magnesium oxide powders in their feed, as it is known to increase the egg production amongst hens. Another advantage of using magnesium supplements is that it increases body mass in broilers which increases their muscle and weight making them yield more benefits in their market value.
  • Magnesium oxide plays an important role in maintaining animal health. It is well known to aid in raising energy levels of animals. Apart from that, some of the other advantages of providing magnesium supplements are that it improves reproduction chances in animals, strengthens their bones and also works as a great antacid.

How Should Magnesium Oxide Be Given To Animals?

Magnesium being an essential mineral, is found in many natural foods but as per the excess requirement, it can be provided to animals by mixing it in their feed or water. Magnesium oxide can be administered in powder or capsule form. While the powder is easier to administer, many times capsules are preferred as the dosage can be kept in strict check due to that.

In certain seasons like spring, when the grass grows at a fast pace, the mineral contents in it turn to be inadequate in comparison with its protein content and in such situations magnesium oxide powder is added in cattle feed to prevent them from having Grass Tetany disorder.

Apart from being an important mineral, magnesium is also responsible for helping the animals utilize the calcium content in their system. Magnesium is required by animals in large quantities and it also helps in converting sugars into energy.

As such Magnesium Oxide Powder has proven to be an effective mineral and is widely used on many farms and poultries not only for commercial gain but also for improving the health of the animals.

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