Lime in Water Treatment

Lime Water For Animal

Lime water is prepared by mixing limestone powder or crystals with water that is at room temperature. The mixture is allowed to stand for sometime till all the lime has dissolved completely. The ratio of lime to water depends on the animal’s weight and the purpose for which it is bred.

Hydrated lime suppliers in India highly recommend addition of lime powder to fish ponds, as it accelerates their physical growth. This tip is very useful for business ventures who are into commercial fish breeding.

Role Of Limestone In Animal Health

Limestone is an important feed supplement for cattle, pigs, horses and other farm animals. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus and compensates for the seasonal lack of nutritive diet, especially in grazing animals. Grazing animals often suffer from lack of nutrition in monsoon or harsh summers, when the quality of grass is not very good.

Limestone has the following benefits towards animal health:

  • Limestone water helps in developing a stronger bone structure and robust muscle development for cattle and horses
  • Cows and buffaloes are offered lime water to yield better quality and steady supply of milk
  • Limestone has a therapeutic effect in treating heart conditions in cattle, horses and pigs
  • Limestone has the blood thinning properties which prevents clot formation in animals
  • Limestone water helps animals to regain and restore their physical stamina and energy levels

Other Uses Of Limestone In Water Treatment:

Limestone is not merely a nutritional supplement, but has other beneficial effects as well. It is also used in industrial treatment for purification of water. The purifying effect of limestone is of great value to prepare drinking water for animals.

Treating water with limestone also helps to make the water suitable for animal consumption. Limestone powder suppliers in India suggests water treatment with lime to reduce the acidity of water. When animals consume this water the pH of the animal’s gut is maintained to its normal range.

Limestone is one of the primary feed supplements that is used for almost all farm animals and other animals bred for commercial purposes. Veterinary doctors will suggest limestone powder for maintaining the daily nutritional requirement of the animals.

Choose your limestone powder supplier after careful research of the quality of products that they offer. Feed supplements may do more harm than good if there are traces of impurity or adulteration

Limestone enriched feed supplements should be given to animals only on the advice of a veterinary doctor.

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