Magnesium Oxide Powder Industrial Uses

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) also referred to as magnesia has a wide range of applications across various industries. The largest consumer of MgO is the healthcare industry wherein, chemical companies, pharmaceuticals sector, health supplements, medical procedures and many others utilise its benefits.

Right from the relieving heartburns and sore stomach as an antacid to acting as a laxative to improve bowel movements, Magnesia is quite useful in the medicine industry. This is applicable not just for human health but also for animal health; especially cattle. The properties that magnesium oxide powder holds enables them to improve their metabolic functions. Using as a feed additive, MgO powder provides an excellent source of magnesium that eating grass, fodder or any other food items lack.

Let’s us learn about each of its usages in detail:

  • Medical Industry Uses

To counter colon, stomach or gastrointestinal issues like bloating, gas, constipation, gastric ulcers, etc., MgO (also known as OxyMagnesium) powder is used as a medicine. It also acts as an effective constipation relief, when consumed in appropriate quantities as suggested by your physician. Although, consumption of magnesium oxide can cause certain side effects. Hence, several medicine manufacturing companies utilize pure MgO from magnesium oxide powder suppliers in India, that are used for effective cleansing and detoxification of your entire digestive tract. As a result, usage of pure powdered form reduces the chances of side effects to one’s body.

  • Cattle Industry Uses

Amongst the many nutrients that cattle require, magnesium is the one that is helpful to boost function of the nerves and muscles in them. While these source of magnesium is available in the form of magnesia powder, adding them to the cattle feed also assures improving their immunity level. Available as supplements, the mineral composition is also added to the feed of several farm animals to stimulate their bone health.

Animals that produce milk require sufficient amount of magnesium for their body. While ruminants and other grass-chewing animals do not have readily available source of Mg in their body, it is important that they get essential amount of it through their feed. Failing to consume in required quantity, these animals are prone to suffer from hypomagnaesemia. Nerve impulses, lethargy, non-responsiveness towards daily activity, inability to produce milk are some of the consequences of Mg insufficiency in their body. In the worse case scenario, deficiency of such an important mineral can also be lethal to these animals. Hence, MgO powder is widely used in the cattle industry to ensure farm animals get sufficient amount of this mineral everyday to stay healthy and active.

  • Dental Industry Usage

The unique properties that magnesium oxide contain makes it absolutely useful for several dental applications. It also acts as an antibacterial agent that prevents microorganisms to cause tooth decay. This is why dental casting is made using alloy of MgO powder along with other liquid components to protect teeth from damage.

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