Cattle that are bred for livestock or managed in a poultry must stay healthy. Livestock is domestically cultivated in a farm for milk, eggs, leather, wool, fur, etc., and poultry animals are raised only for meat & eggs. These animal products are further processed for dairy, diary products, meat, meat products, etc. While milk is a high source of calcium for many, meat is the richest source of protein.

This is why cattle feed supplements must ensure their body gets enough amounts of essential minerals that helps in healthy milk production. Likewise, these nutritional components in their feed could help them strengthen bones and encourage proper growth, necessary in the poultry sector.

For balanced intake of essential minerals, cattle’s are often fed with phosphate supplements in their regular feed. Dicalcium phosphate is the most widely used phosphate supplement, given these animals to fulfill their body’s calcium & protein requirements. Based on the demand for livestock or poultry, dicalcium phosphate for cattle is available in two varied types – Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP) – Minerals and Organics & rock base dicalcium phosphate.

As its name indicates, the phosphate supplement is an inorganic compound produced using animal bones. These bioavailable and easily digestible nutrient compounds also help the animals’ body to fight against phosphorus or calcium deficiencies. In consideration to that, they are also composed in quantities that are feasible to the cattle body avoiding chances of excess consumption that may harm their health. Dicalcium phosphates can also be used as a potency stimulator that helps animals while breeding.

As these supplements act as a perfect health booster for poultry, Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) – Minerals and Organics suppliers in India ensure high nutritional value products for them. They also assure to be protein-free and fat-free with long storage life and low moisture content. So, pre-stocking these products for your farm animals is never a bad idea, especially in a challenging situation like lockdown.

Using Rock Base Dicalcium Phosphate

dicalcium phosphate rock base feed grade suppliers in india

As the name suggests, the feed additive is prepared from rock phosphate. The final product derived from it is an inorganic compound that consists of a high amount of phosphorus & calcium. If regularly consumed by cattles, it ensures proper skeletal growth and also improves their overall health. It also stimulates potency that becomes extremely helpful at the time of breeding or milk making. This is why using such feed additives is crucial to maintain a healthy livestock for your farm.

These products come in a granular or crystal powder form. Also, they are tasteless and have no odour. This would definitely keep your cattle from complaining while they feed. For best quality products, buying from the top dicalcium phosphate rock based feed grade suppliers in India can be helpful in your routine business.

Some of these feed additives are also used for domestic animals & pets for the same reason. However, the quantity of minerals essential to the body type of such animals might vary.  If you are looking for dicalcium phosphate rock based suppliers in India, make sure you choose best for your farm animal’s health.

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