Importance of Limestone Powder for Cattle Feed for Your Cattle

Importance of Limestone Powder for Cattle Feed for Your Cattle

A cattle farming is something that is practiced on a large scale across the globe. These are raised to serve many purposes for humans. Cattle are needed to provide dairy products, for leather, beef, and many more. There is a huge section of the society that needs cattle products daily. This in turn increases the demand for cattle products and thus the need for cattle farming. Like when it comes to agriculture farmers need to make use of good quality fertilizers in order to produce high-quality crops. Similarly in cattle farming as well there is a need to provide the cattle with a good quality feed. There are many kinds of cattle feeds that are available to meet the various nutritional requirements of the cattle. It helps to offer immunity and boosts their fertility as well.

  • Cattle feed helps to improve maintenance

There are many kinds of maintenance activities that go on in the bodies of each living being. The same holds true for the cattle as well. You need to ensure that you give your cattle good quality feed like from the limestone powder suppliers in India who are the best. This will give the cattle the required nutrients that are essential for them to carry on with their activities. Maintenance basically refers to the repair of cattle tissue, metabolism, digestion, temperature regulation inside their individual bodies, and many other such activities.

  • Quality cattle feed helps in growth

There are many good quality cattle feed and hydrated lime suppliers in India who give proper feed for the cattle that helps in the cattle’s growth. Every living organism goes through a growth phase. However, the growth rate is highly dependent on the nutrients that are supplied to the organism in each phase. There are many different kinds of nutritional needs for various cattle breeds. The growth factors include muscles, weight, fat, etc. that is highly determined by the kinds of cattle feed that you give to your cattle in its growth phase. There are many kinds of animal feed supplements that can enhance the growth of cattle.

  • Cattle feed aids in lactation

Lactation is the major reason why cattle are raised across the entire world. Cattle give milk and this is the major objective to farm cattle. However, how much the cattle yield milk is dependent on the nutrition that was provided to the cattle. It is important that the cattle get the nutrition of high quality that helps to promote its protein digestion and the assimilation in the cattle’s body. This helps to produce good milk yield.

  • Cattle fed helps in reproduction

Reproduction is an important part of all living organisms. As with the other basic needs of cattle feed, it is also important for reproduction. Extra attention should be paid in the last three months of the cattle’s pregnancy because it is a crucial stage. It is important to provide cattle with micro and macro nutrients.


The heath of your cattle is important and thus it is vital to feed only high-quality cattle feed the cattle to keep them free of any kind of diseases and also to help them to stay strong.

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