Calcium and phosphorus are highly essential nutrients for animal growth and development. After calcium, phosphorus is the second most mineral that is abundantly necessity for animals to stay healthy. Right from bones, teeth, body fluids and soft tissues, phosphorus constitutes around 80% of their body’s composition followed by calcium. Hence, dicalcium phosphate is considered amongst the top feed supplements to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

The proper balance of calcium with phosphorus keep the physiological as well as the pathological structures of livestock in shape. Therefore, dicalcium phosphate for cattle contribute to providing rigidity, strength and builds a healthy bone density in animals.

Role of Calcium

In animal physiological structures, calcium acts as an information carrier between cellular structures and transmission agent of nerve impulses. Amongst the many roles it plays, blood coagulation is the most essential role of calcium in them. It sources varied bodily functions like muscle contraction and acts as a secondary messager in the case of intracellular reactions in animals.

Role of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the key components of a cellular membrane that sources energy on the cellular level. It is quite an essential component of the DNA, RNA and molecules that are the carrier of a cell’s genetic code. Therefore, they are vital for breeding, milk production and egg production in cattle and mammals.

Advantages of Dicalcium Phosphate on the Whole:

Given below are the high-level advantages of adding dicalcium phosphates to animal feed supplements:

· Balancing Growth, Pregnancy & Lactation

When animals begin to reach adolescence and prepare to mate and further lactate, their bodily requirements for calcium and phosphorus begin to change accordingly. This is why dicalcium phosphate rock base suppliers in India suggest you use feed additives like rock base dicalcium phosphate that help them get the appropriate quantity of calcium and phosphorus. Adding such supplements helps livestock in their growing & evolving stages of life.

· Boosting Bone Health

While a chicken lays an egg, she requires enough calcium to create an eggshell. If it doesn’t get enough calcium from its feed, the body begins to draw calcium from the pre-stored structures like bones. The higher it lays eggs, the higher the body draws the calcium. If the calcium requirements of the chicken are not met, soon enough the chicken that is also utilised as a source of poultry will begin to lose its quality.

On the other hand, the quality of eggs also begins to decline since the shells turn softer with low calcium. Thus, adding a Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP) – Minerals and Organics for such poultry animals is vital to keeping their bone health in check. It also supports them to sustain a healthy production. Find Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) – Minerals and Organics Suppliers in India that help such poultry animals get a sufficient amount of calcium & phosphorus to keep their quality and production quality intact.

· Regulates several body functions

With low calcium, animals may suffer from lethargy, weakness and become more prone to illness whereas, with low phosphorus, they are more likely to suffer from metabolic issues, urinary illness and intestinal diseases. When you provide livestock or poultry animals with suitable dicalcium phosphate supplements, the lacking need for calcium and phosphorus is fulfilled completely. Doing so regulates several body functions associated with their nervous system, kidney, intestine and muscles.

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