Benefits of Poultry Feed Supplements

The changing environment has been drastically affecting the health of poultry; majorly having an unacceptable impact on the quality of their life. This is the leading cause why poultry birds face several health issues like being underweight, weak bone health, infections and fever to name a few. Therefore, to maintain good health and prevent their body from illness it is important to add health supplements to their daily feed. But, before adding them you must be aware of what types of supplements fit best for your poultry health and what are their benefits.

Listed are the top benefits of poultry feed supplements to look out for:

· Boost the quality of production

When poultry chickens such as layers lay egg, the egg shells that are made of calcium are often claimed from their bones. So when farmers observed them laying eggs with soft or rubbery egg shells, it indicates that their body lacks the right amount of calcium for production. Hence, poultry feed supplement distributors in India suggest keeping their calcium, protein and fat in check is the key to boosting their production quality.

· Improve laying duration

A quality feed is the solution to improve the laying duration of chickens. When their body lacks the appropriate nutritional intake, their laying duration is disturbed. Farmers can help their poultry chickens stay healthy by keeping their regular feed balanced with nutrients in proportion. Consult a MBM Supplier in India to understand the type of feed supplements that befits the chickens or other birds you are breeding. 

· Keep them healthy and active

Birds must be healthy and active in every transition of their life, from hatchlings to grown ups and able to reproduce. This will ensure the quality by-products like eggs, meat and feathers and also improve their life expectancy and keep illness at bay. Feed supplements ensure stimulating growth and development as per their body transitions and changing environment. They not just prevent them from seasonal illness but also improve metabolism and body functions to keep them active.

· Parasite resistance

Poultry based chickens, ducks and geese are quite prone to catching parasites as they wander around in farms and fields all day. Adding anti-stress supplements rich in potassium, vitamins and minerals prevents and maintains a high resistance against harmful microbes that are present in their gut. They also bring stability of gut microflora that helps to prevent bacterial diseases in chickens and geese.

· Builds bone health

Phosphorus is basically a necessity for chickens to break down calcium for their body to absorb. Therefore, calcium is not enough, you require poultry feed that offers equal amounts of phosphorus too. In addition, fat-based substances like soybean or animal fat are also essential components that enhance growth. A few animal fat suppliers in India suggest a meat and bone meal to be a whole feed supplement that will keep your poultry healthy.

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