Superior Feed Healthier Animals

Taking good care of farm animals is an essential chore for their performance as well as sustenance. Feeding them with all the required nutrition-rich food is very important. The animal feed includes fodder, hay, straw, silage, compressed and pelleted feeds, oils and mixed rations, and sprouted grains and legumes. Apart from these, there are many other elements as well that contribute to animal nutrition and are essential for their growth and health. Dicalcium phosphate is considered amongst the top feed supplements to fulfill such nutritional requirements. Dicalcium phosphate for cattle is also beneficial to them in a number of ways that include boosting their bone strength, their bodily functions are regulated, and in healthy procreation.

Read on to know the importance of superior quality animal feed and how that, in turn, leads to a better quality of their lives:

  • The quality of the animal feed has a direct impact on the health of the animal, its procreative health, and its growth rate.
  • An overall knowledge that includes complete know-how of animal diet and nutrition ultimately leads to profitable farming in the long term.
  • The nutritional requirement varies among different farm animals and whether they are lactating, pregnant, or otherwise. So daily diet should be designed accordingly.
  • Testing the feed before distributing or feeding them to the farm animals is important. If nutrient content is low, then that is of no use because that may lead to malnutrition.
  • Testing becomes more essential in the summer season, when the animals are low on energy.
  • Magnesium oxide is given to dairy cows to control ruminal acidosis and also for maintaining optimum magnesium and ph levels in them. Dairy owners can get it from a variety of magnesium oxide powder suppliers in India.
  • Hydrated lime is used to extend the life of the litter in the chicken farms. It is also used to protect the chicken from diseases and parasites. Hydrated lime is beneficial to farmers who are in the business of aquatic farming and the breeding of fishes. It effectively controls the ph levels of ponds and artificial water bodies where fishes are bred. You can check out hydrated lime suppliers in India over here.

Additionally, giving additive supplements to the farm animals is a plus point to enhance their performance. On the other hand, the animal feed manufacturers can research ways and intelligence to improve the cattle’s physical quality and nutritional value; helpful for the farmers and dairy owners. This is a win-win situation and will increase business for both parties. Most farmers choose animal feed on parameters like cost, quality, and durability. Keeping these factors in mind, the feed manufacturers can improve their own business by enhancing the products they make.

Last but not least, feeding animals is both a science as well as an art. It is a science that has developed with years and years of scientific research. It is an art because it is developed on the basis of centuries of practical experience. Superior quality feed, breed healthy animals, and when animals are fed with balanced diets and proper quantity water their productivity increases. And that will improve the profitability of the farmer.

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