The Essential Necessity of Limestone Powder in Consumer's Market!

Did you ever think about limestone post-school education? Unless you are a student which has a keen interest in chemistry or are working in the sector where limestone is a prime requirement, many of us have no idea about it.

The hydrated lime suppliers in India have glorified multiple usages of the limestone. It is a sedimentary rock and has various properties. Furthermore, commonly known as calcium carbonate, the limestone powder is also used in animal husbandry because of its properties. This is an essential component of food for cattle feed.

Today, there are multiple hydrated lime suppliers in India as a stone is used for multiple purposes. It is a known fact that quicklime, hydrated lime and even slacked lime have played instrumental roles in construction and even warfare.

Hydrated Lime vs Hydraulic Lime 

The hydrated lime suppliers in India often face customers who have no idea about the differences between Hydrated Lime and Quicklime. Let’s try to understand this in more detail. When the limestone is burned, it releases a large amount of CO2 gas and the residue that remains is known as quicklime which is in a high alkali state. Also known as hydrated lime, this reacts immediately with water when hot and can prove dangerous to handle or transport. This is mainly used at construction sites by masonry workers.  

uses of limestone

The hydraulic lime (HL) is a type that naturally contains or has artificially induced some percentage of amorphous silica which is visible in the burning process. It indicates a good proportion of cement.

Benefits of Limestone for Cattle Feed 

The limestone has been one of the most dietary supplements for livestock. Hence, it is given to many animals. There is also a good demand for limestone powder for cattle feed. This can also be included in the diet of other animals like pigs, poultry, horses and sheep. It happens to be a major portion of the cattle food for most farmers and animal husbandry workers. The benefits of giving ground limestone to your cattle along with other regular diets include:

  • It ensures proper development of their bone and teeth
  • Limestone provided proper regulation of heartbeat
  • Prevents blood clotting in animals
  • The limestone powder assists in health issues related to muscle contractions and even nerve impulses
  • The limestone powder strengthens and hardens egg shell for poultry chickens
  • It provides support for a healthy digestion system in animals and birds
  • Limestone assists to increase milk production

Different animals require different levels and types of limestone powder at multiple stages of their growth.   

Buy Limestone Powder From the Correct Supplier

Getting limestone powder from the right supplier is your primary job to ensure the proper growth of cattle and even for construction purposes. Reach out to Shivam Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. to get quality limestone powder. We are the best suppliers for this essential component of mason work and your cattle feed. To place your stock and order, just contact us.

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