Why Do Animals Need Essential Nutrient Feeds From Trusted Manufacturers?

Why Do Animals Need Essential Nutrient Feeds From Trusted Manufacturers?

People who are conscious about their diet and even those involved in animal husbandry occupation have always sought ways to ensure enough nutrients for themselves as well as animals. Using supplementation from magnesium oxide powder suppliers in India for animal and poultry nutrition has shown remarkable improvement in them and provided various health benefits. Using the right supplement can improve the digestibility of the feed, improve reproduction, and even ensure a good egg production capacity in laying hens. 

Why additional supplements have become a need for animals and poultry?

As per animal experts, magnesium supplementation is considered an essential nutrient by MBM suppliers in India because of various reasons. It helps in:

  1. Avoiding magnesium deficiency
  2. Ensuring adequate growth 
  3. Guarantees of proper health maintenance

It implies that the Mg supplement improves the quality of food and reduces the chances of deficiency in humans, animals and even poultry. As per research and proven facts, a sub-optimal intake of this element has been considered beneficial as it has several implications, namely, health maintenance, muscle functions and even bone development. The performance and efficacy of farm animals which is expressed as feed conversion rate has increased dramatically in the past decades as farmers and livestock professionals understood the need for magnesium supplements in the animal diet. This nutrient is also the main factor in increasing fat and muscle content in farm animals. 

What are the types of Tallow used in Animal Supplements?

According to the available information from industry experts, tallow is nothing but the fat that is rendered from beef or mutton to be provided an animal diet. Its appearance and texture are somewhat similar to butter and usually in a solid state. This food usually turns whitish or beige when cooled appropriately. This saturated animal fat has a breakdown which is described in the points below:

  • 45 – 50 per cent of saturated fat 
  • 42 – 50 per cent of monosaturated fat 
  • 4 per cent of polyunsaturated fat 

As per the tallow suppliers in India, the grass-fed cattle tend to store CLAs, omega3 and certain other beneficial compounds in their bodies when they are given a less healthy diet. This feed supplement from the right supplier is known to provide the following nutrients in livestock animals:

  • Vitamins A, D, K, E and B12
  • Choline
  • CLA
  • Other fatty acids, including oleic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and others

Use nutrient feeds from an established supplier!

The farmers involved in rendering cattle and poultry to support their business can always have a doubt regarding animal feed supplements for their livestock. Shivam Chemicals is the feed supplement supplier you should trust to ensure that your animals do not indulge in harmful social behaviour and give optimum output. We provide supplementary feed products for your poultrybirds/ cattle of the highest international quality standards. Our products are manufactured at world-class integrated processing plants that will surpass your expectations. For an increasing fruitful association to give the best diet for your animals and birds in farming, get the nutrient feeds from us.

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