Animal Nutrition - Characteristics of Nutrition

Importance Of Nutrition For Animals

Animal husbandry is the branch of agriculture and farming that deals with raising animals and birds that will yield the best quality products. Such animals raised for commercial purposes include cattle, horses, and poultry birds like chickens, ducks, and turkeys, along with a few others. They are bred and raised for their milk, meat, eggs, or other animal products.

In order to maintain the superior quality of the above-mentioned products, due importance is always given to animal nutrition. Poultry feed supplement distributors in India procure tons of high-quality supplements to meet the nutritional requirements of farm animals.

Animals are usually bred and raised for commercial purposes on farms or in artificially designed living spaces that resemble the animals’ natural habitat. Cattle and poultry birds usually get their daily quota of nutrition by grazing on farms. In addition, they are also given a variety of fodder and forage in the form of dried hay, seeds, legumes, peels and shells of vegetables, and healthy by-products of various food processing techniques. Dairy and poultry farmers also fortify their animals’ diets with suitable additives and feed supplements. The supplements are mixed in the animals’ daily food to increase the food’s nutritional value.

Let us see the impact of an optimum nutritional diet on the health of animals.

  • Robust Physique

Animals like cows and pigs and birds like hens, turkeys, and other pheasants are often reared for their meat. A balanced diet of oilseeds, molasses, grass, and food additives enhances the muscle mass of these animals, which results in ample meat production.

  • Increased Fertility

Breeding is a very important part of animal husbandry aimed towards increasing livestock and their products. To ensure a superior genetic structure, breeding is often controlled and monitored with the help of multiple factors. Foods that increase animal fertility are often included in the diet of birds and animals to ensure healthy offspring.

  • Enhanced Production Of Milk And Eggs

Dairy farms raise and care for thousands of cows and buffaloes to obtain ample quantity and superior quality milk. Animal feed suppliers in India produce quality feed supplements aimed at improving the milk supply of dairy farm animals. Limestone feed supplements also boost milk production in animals by balancing their calcium levels. Therefore limestone feed suppliers in India are in great demand in areas that have dairy farms.

  • Immunity Boosters

Animals raised on farms undergo routine physical health check-ups by veterinary doctors. Depending on the animal’s health issues and nutritional status, they may need to consume feed supplemented fortified with immunity boosters. Feed supplements high in amino acids, zinc, and vitamins are preferred for boosting animals’ immunity.

Characteristics of Ideal Animal Nutrition

Animals obtain a large bulk of their daily nutritional requirement from outdoor grazing. Additionally, they are also fed fodder, husks, whole grains, vegetable and fruit peels, and oilcakes. Feed supplements are also used to enhance the animals’ nutrition.

Every species of animal has a distinct dietary pattern that may not be suitable for other animals. There is no single diet that suits all animals. However, to be ideal, every diet must fulfill the following criteria.

  • Ideal nutrition is the one that keeps animals in good health and nurtures their immunity.
  • The quantity of food that each animal eats should suit their weight, age, and the purpose of rearing them.
  • Superior quality unadulterated food is the best to fulfill the nutritional requirements of farm animals.
  • Animal diets should be designed in a way that makes them easy to chew and consume.
  • Animal feed additives or feed supplements should have a balance of minerals, vitamins, and other essential elements.
  • Artificial animal feeds should have a mild taste and smell to make it more palatable.

Animal nutrition is aimed at improving the health and lifespan of animals and the quality of their products. Caring for the nutritional status of animals is key to increasing their commercial value and gaining more profits.

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