Lime Powder – The Essential Chemical Industry

Lime Powder - The Essential Chemical Industry

The title of one of the oldest and most important chemicals in the chemical industry has been bestowed upon lime. This highly fascinating raw material, limestone, is scientifically known as calcium carbonate. As per the limestone powder suppliers in India, this chemical compound is made up of calcium, oxygen and carbon occurs naturally in multiple forms and happens to be one of the easily available most common compounds across the world.

Manufacture of lime powder

As per the available information, lime is usually manufactured by heating limestone at high temperatures. From heating limestone in open fires to today’s modernized rotating kilns in which limestone is heated at a temperature of 1100 to 1200 °C, it is simply understood that this chemical is manufactured using heat energy. This is represented in the chemical industry with the help of the formula stated below:

CaCO3(s) limestone → CaO(s) lime + CO2(g) carbon dioxide

Applications of Lime Powder

According to limestone manufacturers, quicklime in powdered form has multiple uses because of its features namely, longer shelf life, optimum chemical quality and accurate composition. The principal use of lime powder is mainly observed in the cement-making and construction industry. However, as per the lime powder suppliers, it is also widely used in agriculture, metallurgical and chemical industries. Let us understand how lime is used in various industries in more detail:

  • Construction Industry

It is considered to be the oldest binder in the construction industry to make plaster and mortar. The quick lime powder is widely used in the production of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks

  • Agricultural Uses

Lime powder plays an instrumental role in increasing the pH levels of the soil in farming lands. It not only improves the physical structure by reducing surface crusting but also is an important component for agricultural fertilizers, in the formation of compost, assists in soil liming and even aids in the disposal of animal waste products

  • Dairy Industry

Lime is often considered to be a vital material and one of the best alkalis for neutralizing acidity in the cream of milk before pasturing it. The addition of lime to skimmed milk helps in the formation of calcium lactate which can be marketed as a separate product in the dairy business. It can also be used for the creation of lactic acid

  • Flue Gas Treatment

It is considered to be one of the key agents for eliminating pollutants in industrial facilities, incinerators and coal-fired power plants. Lime can also be used for the treatment of flue gases for protecting the atmosphere

Quality lime powder is a crucial factor in each industry!

Irrespective of the industry where the lime powder is going to be used, purchasing it from a trusted supplier becomes a must for effective results. It assists in successful outcomes which aid in reaching your target goals. For access to the quality lime powder, reach out to Shivam Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., the best-known limestone powder suppliers in India. We take pride in supplying this essential component for your profession at relatively economical prices. To place your order, just contact us.

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