Feeding the right quality food to your animals is an absolute necessity for farmers practicing animal husbandry occupation to support their farming business. Hence, the poultry feed supplement distributors in India have focused on giving maximum attention to what type of food is given to the hens and cattle on the farms to maintain their optimum health. 

Why include dicalcium phosphate in cattle feed?

As per the available data, the worldwide market is going to see a moderate CAGR for dicalcium phosphate over the next decade. It is expected to be valued at 980.5 million in 2028. The product dicalcium phosphate for cattle has 3 types:

  1. Food grade
  2. Feed grade 
  3. Fertilizer grade

As per the available information, dicalcium phosphate is used for the overall development of cattle. It assists in their growth, and bone development and also ensures proper fertility. This product is necessary for maintaining calcium in cattle and also improves their milk production to a great extent. It also enhances the cattle’s fibre digestion and protects them from ruminal diseases. 

The product is widely used in the animal feed industry because of its properties such as improving the nutritional value of the cattle feed. It helps the animals have a good digestible system which is necessary for their well-being. 

What are the uses of limestone powder?

The limestone powder suppliers in India are required to follow the latest technology for the manufacture of this product. Also, the manufacturers of this product have to maintain a hygienic environment condition during the manufacture of this powder. Although it is used major ingredient for the products used in the construction industry, it is considered to be an important material for many other purposes. 

As per the information available from the limestone powder suppliers in India, this product has its application in a variety of industrial sectors. These include sectors such as:

  • Production of plastic 
  • Used in the Painting industry to give a good long-lasting colour to the walls and surfaces of the concerned product  
  • Manufacturing printing ink 
  • Making of Rubber 
  • Manufacture of paper

The suppliers provide this product in excellent packages to ensure its composition is not changed due to dirt and dust from external factors. 

Use the right feed in poultry farming!

The birds in the poultry give us a wide variety of products. Hence, the poultry feed supplement distributors in India insist on giving them quality food for the proper maintenance of their health.

Approach experienced manufacturer for quality feed supplements

Every individual working in the industry that is related to animals and poultry farming wants to provide the best feed to them. Shivam Chemicals is a one-stop solution for all the dietary needs of birds and animals. Our food products have the essential nutrient dicalcium phosphate for cattle which is important for their growth. Furthermore, we are reputed to manufacture top quality limestone powder and take pride to supply it according to the client’s needs. To get these products at economical prices, contact us

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