Limestone in Animal Feed

A proper diet of the cattle is essential for getting maximum production of milk. The professionals working in the animal husbandry sector or involved with the maintenance of the cattle in the farming occupation have a good idea about it. Therefore, they have a better idea of the feed supplements that should be given to the cattle. Many farmers in India use limestone powder as a staple ingredient in the cattle’s diet. Let us understand it through this blog.

Why is limestone powder used for the cattle?

According to the available data, limestone powder for cattle feed is considered to be an important part of their diet. As per the experts, it is used in the stock feed as it is considered to be a rich source of calcium which is important for the formation of bone and teeth of the animals. It is also included in the food and diet to provide nutrition for other animals such as poultry, horses and sheep, pigs, beef and dairy cattle. Apart from this, the animals require limestone powder for multiple purposes which are stated below:

  1. Limestone powder is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses in the cattle
  2. It ensures proper cardiac regulation in them
  3. It provides muscle excitability to them
  4. It regulates the blood clotting and activation of enzymes

The amount of calcium required by the cattle varies according to their age group and environment. It means the young cattle should be given a larger quantity of limestone powder for cattle feed as compared to the elder animals. Ensuring a proper intake of this supplement in their diet can encourage further growth and development. The animal husbandry professionals must provide a proper and adequate quantity of calcium to the cattle, specifically to the young growing animals.

Calcium is considered to be an important chemical in the body of livestock animals and should be provided to them for maintaining the correct levels of the target species. The powder needs to be stored in a dry place and must be protected from sunlight.

Other uses of limestone powder

As per the available information, the limestone powder supplement is also included in the diet of birds in poultry farming. Calcium is considered to be an important and necessary nutrient for the formation of eggshells in chickens. According to available data, this is an important product for the construction industry and is considered a major ingredient for the production of

  • Construction materials
  • Plastic and rubber products
  • Expensive and attractive paints

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