Hydrated Lime (Slaked Lime) – The Essential Chemical Industry

Hydrated Lime (Slaked Lime) - The Essential Chemical Industry

Do you know the uses of hydrated lime? There are possibilities that you might not have this name after school and would be unaware of it if you are not working in the chemical industry. However, the hydrated lime suppliers in India opine that hydrated lime is a very useful product for various reasons. Read the article to know why this is considered an important chemical product.

What is hydrated lime?

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The chemical which is also, popular as slaked lime, the hydrated lime is formed when with the mixture of quicklime and water. The mixture is better known as calcium hydroxide.

Chemical equation: CaO + H2O → Ca (OH)2

What are its uses?

The powdered substance, lime can be used for multiple purposes. This chemical is found to be beneficial for wastewater treatment. It helps in acid neutralization, removal of impurities and even for water softening. This chemical can also be used for the treatment of flue gas emissions that contain acidic gases and heavy metals. According to available data, hydrated lime suppliers in India have said this to be an extremely useful chemical. The many uses of this slaked lime are as follows:

  1. The most common use of hydrated lime is it is used in the preparation of lime mortar.
  2. It can be used in freshwater to raise the pH level of water
  3. This chemical is found to be useful in the paper industry as an intermediate substance for the production of sodium hydroxide.
  4. It can be used as a neutralizing agent.
  5. This chemical is used in the froth flotation process for improving the efficiency of the process.
  6. Hydrated lime has multiple applications in the food industry.
  7. The chemical is also used for the preparation of ammonia gas.
  8. It is used as a pHregulator in gold mining. 

Is this hydrated lime safe to use?

As per the available data with chemical industry experts, hydrated lime is considered to be a safe chemical for use as it is non-toxic. Owing to this property, it has multiple uses. However, prolonged exposure to slaked lime can cause certain health effects. As per the hydrated lime MSDS, the chemical can have serious effects on the user’s respiratory system. If the user does not take enough precautions while using this chemical, it can cause skin irritation and even lead to more serious problems such as eye damage. To avoid these unwanted effects, the user must buy hydrated lime from a trusted supplier and ensure its proper disposal after use.

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