There are various types of supplements that you must be adding to your chicken’s feed. Most of them consist of medicinal benefits from plants and fruits as a source of protein. But, are they sufficient for their bodily requirements? It is important that broilers gain weight in the correct proportion to fulfill a better performance in the poultry business.

To meet the bodily protein for proportionate growth in broilers, adding MBM as a supplement to their regular feed becomes important. And, the addition of this type of supplement for broilers has a variety of benefits include. Let’s understand a few:

· Reduced Cost of Feed

The rising growth in animal production has increased the number of poultry slaughtering. Despite having a greater demand for meat consumption, there is a high rate of leftovers or residues generated from it. While some specific biowastes are non-consumable, the edible leftovers are treated to keep infections at bay. These are then further processed and repurposed as an alternative feed additive or just feed for broilers. This can reduce the cost spend over regular feeds along with improving broiler health and performance in the market.

Note: Broiler performance might vary based on the type and quality of animal byproduct used and also on other factors like processing methods, temperature, antioxidants usage for quality maintenance, nutritional value, storage criteria and more. It is also possible that the byproduct undergoes contamination due to pathogenic effects or environmental effects. This might affect the broilers digestibility along with other factors like amino acid imbalance or high polyamine content or other chemical side effects. Check with your poultry feed supplement distributors in India for a high-quality, verified and trusted product.

· High Nutrition Value

As discussed earlier, a plant-based feed can be insufficient as a complete source of protein required to meet broiler performance. MBM supplements are made from poultry offal meal, blood meal, bone meal and feather meal. All these byproducts are a rich source of protein that is partially equivalent to a soybean feed. However, MBM also add up to providing a complete amount of phosphorus and calcium from the byproduct as compared to a plant-based meal. Since a plant-based meal is responsible to generate 33% of phosphorus for feedstuffs, MBM holds a higher nutritional value for broiler health.

· Improve Energy Levels

Animal protein in the feed supplements is responsible to source a good amount of proteins/amino acids that broilers require to grow, develop, reproduce and gain weight. By combining one or more types of feed supplements like MBM, FM, BM and others, broilers regular feed can stand as a powerhouse of adequate amount of energy. While buying MBM feed or supplement for your poultry animals, check the energy levels mentioned by MBM suppliers in India on its packaging. This can be extremely helpful to improve/maintain the quality of poultry in your business.

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