Hydrated Lime – Key Features in Chemical Industry

Hydrated lime has been extensively used in the chemical industry for a long time. Also known as calcium hydroxide among the hydrated lime manufacturers in India, this chemical is considered to be an inorganic compound with multiple properties. It is an odourless, colourless and non-inflammable white crystal or is available in powder form from the suppliers. This appearance makes it easily recognizable among a hoard of other identifies like builders’ lime, pickling lime or cal, caustic lime and slack lime.

What are the properties of hydrated lime?

According to the hydrated lime suppliers in India, even if the chemical is relatively insoluble in water at ambient temperature, the inorganic compound is known to dissolve in pure water. It produces an alkaline solution whose pH is about 12.4. As per the available information, the aqueous solution of this chemical is known as limewater. This chemical is known to adopt a polymeric structure like all other metal hydroxides. The commercial production of this chemical is done by treating lime with water.

Uses of hydrated lime in the Chemical Industry

As per the data available from the hydrated lime suppliers, the chemical is known to have multiple uses in various industries. They are as follows:

  1. Flue gas treatment:
    Hydrated lime is known to catalyze the particles that emanated after combustion in the cement plants, glass industries, coal fire plants and even other incendiary plants. Apart from this, it is also known to absorb the harmful acidic pollutants and fine particulate matter released into the environment.

  2. Chemical manufacturing:
    Many chemicals are manufactured by using hydrated lime as the main basic component. The manufacturers make various organic and inorganic calcium salts such as calcium phosphate, calcium hypochlorite, calcium carbide, and calcium magnesium acetate with the production of hydrated lime. It is also known to play a crucial role in citric acid purification.

  3. Acid reduction:
    The lime water is even added to the cream portion of the milk before using it for the production of butter to reduce the acidic content. According to available information when the lime is added to milk, it generates lactic acid which when combined with a low pH chemical or calcium lactate can be used in medicinal supplements.

  4. Paint formation:
    It is also used in the painting industry. Limewash paint is achieved when the proper quantities of water and pigment are added to hydrated lime. It is used for the formation of paste-like consistency in the paints before it gets applied to the concerned furniture surface, wall or other applications. 

  5. Sugar production:
    As per the available information from experts, beet sugar and cane usually depend on hydrated lime to react with the impurities and for elevating pH. The chemical is also known to remove impurities in the manufacture of various other sugar products such as sorghum, maple syrup and other viscous forms. 

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