Application of Chemical Powders in Different Industries

Chemicals are used in almost every sector because of their diverse properties. It not only assists in ensuring the longevity of the product but also protects the surroundings when applied in proper quantities. According to the limestone powder suppliers in India, limestone is considered to be the most common sedimentary rock that is made up of the chemical combination of calcium carbonate present in the form of calcite. It is the most versatile mineral and is considered a raw material in various industries. Let us understand the application of limestone through this blog:

Applications of limestone in the real world! 

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According to the available information, limestone is available in two powder forms – fine and coarse. The application of limestone powder has been spread to a myriad of fields and includes various industries. As per the data, limestone is used in various industries such as paper, detergents, animal husbandry, rubber, environmental treatment, paint and even agriculture. The limestone powder suppliers in India have listed the use of lime in these industries as follows:

  • The limestone powder is used to whiten the paper as it is cheaper as compared to other materials in the paper industry
  • It is used to lessen the hardness of stone powder in the detergent industry which gives the clothes a sleek and polished look
  • The limestone is used in food as it assists for the proper development of bones and eggs in the livestock sector 
  • This natural salt is used for neutralization and treatment of toxic acids to give environmental protection on our planet 
  • The limestone powder is used as a nutrient in the agricultural land to assist the plants to grow properly. The powder is known to stabilize the pH value in soil which is essential for the proper development of plants. 
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The different types of limestone which are used in the powdered form include chalk, coquina, fossiliferous limestone, Lithographic limestone, Oolitic limestone, Travertine and Tufa. Apart from this, as per the magnesium oxide suppliers in India, magnesium oxide is also an important powdered chemical. This white powdered mineral is considered to be a good source of magnesium and has various uses. As per the available information, magnesium powder has different uses like:

  • It is used as an antacid to provide relief from heartburn and dyspepsia in patients
  • The powder can also be used to improve indigestion symptoms
  • It is most commonly used to treat sour stomach and acid indigestion 
  • The powder is also referred to as a short-term laxative for rapid emptying of the bowel

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